Release Date: January 6, 2022

Update TypeCategoryChange Description
EnhancementsAlert ManagementRegex Support in Alert Escalation Policy ML Training Files for Subject and Description

Training files for Alert Escalation Policies now support wildcarding through regular expressions for the Description and Subject fields.
Alert ManagementSerial Number in Alert Notification Emails

We have added the Serial Number attribute as an applicable token to alert email notifications.
Integration FrameworkOID File Import for SNMP Trap Monitor Configuration

OID files can now be directly imported while configuring SNMP Trap Monitors. You can also select which OIDs to exclude and export a new CSV file that consists of only the desired OIDs.
Patch ManagementInclude/Exclude Patches by Name in Patch Baselines

Patch baseline creation now supports filtering by patch name. You can choose to either include or exclude specific patches.
Resource ManagementResource UUID Attribute Available for Non-Monitorable Resources

Non-monitorable resources now have an attribute called 'Resource UUID' that will display the unique identifier generated by OpsRamp. This attribute can be used in the Get Resource API to fetch more details about the resource.