Week of November 9, 2021

Update TypeCategoryChange Description
EnhancementsAPI FrameworkClient create API should support all attributes as are supported in the UI

Added support for more attributes to the client creation API
API FrameworkAPI : Re-try endpoint to re-process failed events

Integration admin users can now automate retries of the failed events logged in the audit logs, for a given integration, using an API endpoint, which enables successful execution of the failed events .

Constraints: Only valid payloads that failed due to network failures or time-outs can be successfully retried.

The Activity endpoint is able to query audit logs for:

  • Time interval specified
  • Paginated view

New events endpoint, retry action:


GET Activity endpoint update to query based on timestamp and better response payloads:

https://{sub-domain}.api.opsramp.com/api/v2/tenants/{tenantId}/integrations/activity?queryString&endTime:""@startTime: " " to start with to show paginated result

AgentAgent download redirection from Application server to Download server to fix download issues

Agent download and updater binaries are moved from the Application Server to the Download Server to smooth the agent download and update process.

Make sure outbound access to the IPs is allowed: https://docs.opsramp.com/support/reference/public-ip-addresses/#agent-and-gateway-whitelist-ip-addresses

AvailabilityAvailability Report: Add Scheduled Maintenance
Cloud MonitoringSeparate category for azure events alerts
Cloud-Native MonitoringMonitor Kube virt component and VMs deployed using kubevirt in K3S cluster?
Cloud-Native MonitoringKubevirt discovery and monitoring
Cloud-Native MonitoringTemplate based for Kubevirt
Core PlatformResource types for web/network endpoint monitoring
Patch Management"Next patch Schedule Date" added to device->patch details page

'Next patch Schedule Date' is added to the patch information tab of the device details page
ReportsAllow editing in Batch Exports
Tenancy and RBACAdded support for more attributes to the client creation API
UIUI representation for new resource type "Endpoint"
UIView Display Name instead of resource type in Configuration of SDK apps
Issues FixedAPI FrameworkAPI - Create Alert Escalation Policy - error when filtering alert by Resource Type
API FrameworkResource API details Incorrect or missing using API
Alert ManagementAPI to Get alert details by alert ID using msp id not working
Alert ManagementWebhook integrated alerts create new resources
Alert ManagementConversation is not being added to ticket for the repeated alerts
Cloud MonitoringIssue with the discovery of sub device
Core Platformpost_elastic_async_activities_queue size is increasing
Dashboard[Y2S:5155] Metric List widget shows only one metric.
DashboardEmailed dashboard does not properly filter based on site
Dashboardin Dashboard 2.0 metrics are not showing
Integration FrameworkvCenter is not deleted after uninstallation
IntegrationsMeraki integration fails with "com.opsramp.json.JSONNull and com.opsramp.json.JSONArray are in unnamed module of loader 'app'"
Knowledge BaseIn Knowledge base, after editing a category, page is not auto refreshing, edited name is not reflecting for the category. Also add article button is not getting displayed
Monitoring ManagementUnable to find monitors in EUPOD1
Patch ManagementCorrect installed status and missing status in resource patch scan
Patch ManagementCSRF-delete-app-patch
Remote ConsolesRecorded data cannot be played back
ReportsNo Console audit report for few users
Resource ManagementEOTSS Creating resource group filter is failing
Resource ManagementGet Resource API returning 500 server error for cloud resources
Resource ManagementPost 10.0 update, resource that SNMP traps were posting to changed
Resource ManagementIssue in getting paginated resources for Resources Indexing
Resource ManagementNetapp Storage Dependency Map Graph Data blocking Graph data Queue processing
Service ManagementMail notification do not send in specific situation
Tenancy and RBAC"Edit" and "Re-Sync" option are displayed without permissions
UIMetricStream - Docker Container Alerts page(unable to see Overview tab on Docker Containers.)
UIOpsRamp UI Graphical Bug
UIwhen search option is used "Add script" buttion is grayed out
Documentation ChangesUpdated Alert Enrichment to Alert Problem Area to reflect interface changes.

Renamed Alert Enrichment to Alert Problem Area in the documentation to align with interface changes.
Added 180-day alert occurrence history to data retention policies topic.

Added 180-day alert occurrence history to data retention policies topic.
Explain the smartness in smart filters when assigning templates with Device Management policies
Patch ManagementAdded the Define a Patch Management Process tutorial to show how use the the patch management service to automate some patch management processes.

Added the Define a Patch Management Process tutorial to show how use the the patch management service to automate some patch management processes.
Process AutomationAdded information on searching and filtering of the process definitions list based on date, start event, enabled, deployed, and start even object.

Added information on searching and filtering of the process definitions list based on date, start event, enabled, deployed, and start even object.
documentationAgent and Gateway N-2 support policy clarification

Provided clarification of versioned agent and gateway support policies.

Week of October 19, 2021

Update TypeCategoryChange Description
EnhancementsAdd advanced filter option into patch feed
Bulk whitelist and rating delete actions
Alert ManagementSchedule maintenance create rule for Resource Name
Integration FrameworkAzure Event Exports: webhook bug in custom integration does not allow breaks/fails JSON array as payload
Patch ManagementBulk whitelisting of patches in the feed
Resource ManagementAPI: Enable query of the list of Windows services running on a Windows Server resource
Issues FixedHide invalid integrations, synthetics, and gateway from Onboarding Wizard
API FrameworkDeletes using the API are not consistent
Alert ManagementAlerts are not correlating although they are out of maintenance
Alert ManagementNot showing matching escalation policy on Alert Details page if the filter condition has ResourceType
Alert ManagementDo not suppress OK alert through first response
Alert ManagementAlert Escalation page loads slowly
Alert ManagementAble to view the Deleted policy values in Alert Enrichment
Cloud MonitoringAWS stream event alerts are not appending under the same alert
Cloud MonitoringIssue with subdevice discovery
DashboardClassic dashboard widget information unavailable
DashboardWhen selecting the top consumers option in Browser Consoles Statistics, not receiving data
Integration Frameworkhnas_node_Status related monitoring graph is not populating
Integration FrameworkMeraki integration failing with class com.opsramp.json.JSONNull cannot be cast to class com.opsramp.json.JSONArray
Integration FrameworkSupport for JSON array in outbound webhook payloads
Knowledge BaseUI issue while creating new knowledge base article
Patch ManagementIn Patch Feed Integration, Search with Date is not working correctly
Process AutomationScripts section has a searching scripts problem
Remote ConsolesWebconsoles are not working: login failure
ReportsUnable to pull Patch Summary Report
Resource ManagementAzure resources do not show when applying a custom attribute
Service ManagementSummary Report does not have incident data
Service ManagementUnable to create an incident for an alert created using email integration, which includes special characters in the resource name
UIMetric name shows as Undefined in graphs
Documentation ChangesAdd raw alerts retention time in data retention policies
Difference between occurrence frequency and number of occurrence in escalation alert conditions
Describe the smartness in smart filters when assigning templates in device management policies
Patch ManagementDocument process automation workflow changes for patch service
Process AutomationFilter process definitions and process instances

Week of October 12, 2021

Update TypeCategoryChange Description
EnhancementsClassic GatewayRemove dependencies associated data and jobs from the gateway when the application is uninstalled
Cloud-Native MonitoringKubernetes YAML change for KubeVirt
Cloud-Native MonitoringKubeVirt UI
Cloud-Native MonitoringKubeVirt discovery message processing at cloud end
Core PlatformImplement authentication from server side
Integration FrameworkMultiple vCenter integrations with same IP must be allowed
Monitoring ManagementValidate SNMP trap configuration using device groups
Monitoring ManagementDelete the device group mapping when the device group update/delete
Monitoring ManagementSNMP trap monitor confguration preparation to send gateway
Monitoring ManagementUI changes to display the available device groups and selected devicegroups in SNMP trap creation page
UIAlert definitions to be available in all clients
Issues FixedAgentMaintenance window issue
Classic AppHyper-V integration: failing with message "Exception occurred while fetching the target Hyper-V device discovery data"
DashboardEmailed dashboard does not properly filter based on site
DashboardMetric List is not populating for synthetics while creating a time-series widget until characters are input in the search
Integration FrameworkNewline character does not send correctly to ServiceNow
Monitoring ManagementFailing to create Agent Custom Monitor scripts using the TemplateExport API
Patch ManagementDependency patches are not approving from Process Definition
Process AutomationUnable to save workflow with dynamic field Values in REST service task
ReportsAudit logs do not show deleted device information
SecurityVA_Vulnerability observed on scripts activity in Resources
UIUnable to view Native Resource type under Components Attributes section
Documentation ChangesSNMP TRAP configuration Improvement
Integration FrameworkCluster Gateway Syslog Adapter Installation

Week of October 5, 2021

Update TypeCategoryChange Description
EnhancementsAPI FrameworkRemove lower limit for phoneNumber in Create/Update Client API call
Alert ManagementAlert notification delay
Alert ManagementWhen correlation policy is in observe mode, add a comment in alerFinished Datet regarding the matched policy and inferenceId details
Alert ManagementShow Mobile number instead of Contact while selecting a user in Escalation Notification
ExportsAudit export report generation changes for recurring periods on Previous Month/Previous Week/Previous Day/Last 6 Hours
Patch ManagementAdd more patch details to patch install task output
Process AutomationRemove the Finished Date filter in the running instances page
Process AutomationAdd Output columns for the REST Task in the Decision table UI
Process AutomationImplement UI to support dynamic values for the REST task
Remote ConsolesLoad balancing algorithm to pick console grid based on console protocol
Remote ConsolesVideo session fails to update when webconsole restarts
ReportsAudit Batch Export
ReportsAudit export backend scheduled changes
ReportsAudit export UI support in Batch Export Listing
UIInclude tenancy scope info as part of the onboarding wizard
UIAdd link to launch SDK applications page
UIDark mode UI changes on onboarding wizard
UIInstall ported and SDK apps in the same client
UIUI issues in the dark theme DNM UI
UISupport dark mode in onboarding wizard
Issues FixedAPI FrameworkAudit report search API is not working
Alert ManagementIncidents are not getting created
Alert ManagementIncorrect alert predictions
Alert ManagementSearching with 0 or any special character in alert search gives the wrong result
Classic AppIntegrations - Hyperflex Discovery API discovering incorrectly by storage IP
Cloud MonitoringClicking on Install for External id integration, the pop-up is not initializing
Core PlatformWrong error message displaying while creating duplicate permission set
DashboardMain dashboard takes time to load
Integration FrameworkAdapter category is showing in the Custom Integration section
Integration FrameworkInput field line borders are missing
Monitoring ManagementMonitoring threshold is not reflecting after the edition of the value it representing the same values as before editing only
Patch ManagementGetting we are sorry page for Patch Configuration Job if the process is deleted
Patch ManagementIn Patch Configuration Job, the Select Process link is not shown if the recurrence pattern is changed
Patch ManagementUpdating a job without a resource fails
Process AutomationCustom integration Category Process Automation is not passing custom attribute
Process AutomationProcess definitions listing page is not loading sometimes
Process AutomationGetting an error message when trying to run dynamic values for the REST service task
ReportsLimiting visibility
Resource ManagementAgents are not reporting to the portal
Resource ManagementDevice Overview page is blank
Resource ManagementAble to run Device Management Policy from different partner user login which is a security vulnerability
SDK AppTriggering alerts on a metric which is not monitored
SecurityFixed vulnerability in Infrastructure > Maintenance dialog
UISome of the interface values for network devices are swapped in the UI
UIAlert notification permission denied
UIInstall Integration link from Dashboard 2.0 does not work
UIUnable to view native resource type field under cloud_services generic resource attribute page
UIOverview page does not appear for cloud services resource
UIClient details are shown again when clicked on the network Details tab
UIWhen editing the client options are missing in remote access management
UIUpdate Service Groups API responses are taking an excessive amount of time
UINo error message is being displayed when attempting to log in with deactivated partner credentials
Documentation ChangesAlert ManagementNeed documentation about noisy alerts

Week of September 21, 2021

Update TypeCategoryChange Description
EnhancementsAlert ManagementAdd a count records API for pagination when consuming query service get records
AvailabilityEnhancement to the auto-heal job to support pod separation
Cloud MonitoringMonitoring support for Azure hosting environment
DashboardAPI support for partner sharing
DashboardDashboard sharing in Dashboard 2.0 is enhanced to include partner-level roles. This allows dashboards to be shared with partner users. dashboard sharing
EvaluationRemove Custom Attributes permissions
EvaluationChange image retrieval of email templates from URL to cid
EvaluationResources limit should be configurable
Patch ManagementAdd a new dropdown menu in the patch installation and approval tasks
Patch ManagementNumerous process list view improvements in the patch configuration policy
Patch ManagementAdd emergency option to patch installation task
Patch ManagementAdd emergency tag to patch approvals in workflow
Patch ManagementShow the Only Patch category process in the patch configuration policies
Patch ManagementAdd search option in process dropdown for patch config policy
Patch Managementcontroller support to return the list of baselines
Patch ManagementAPIs for patch compliant/non-complaint resources
Patch ManagementGet compliant/non-compliant workflow patch service task
Patch ManagementUI implementation for get compliant/non-compliant workflow patch service
Patch ManagementProviding workflow patch service to get the compliant / non-compliant resource list by baseline for the selected compliance
Patch ManagementHandle emergency patch installation at tenant level
Process AutomationAdd a category filter to the process search API
Process AutomationImplement UI to support dynamic values for REST task
SecurityImplemented xssfiterTag in msp tag library to nullify all event listeners
UIDisable showing SDK based apps in onboarding wizard
UITo restrict use of master agent, added not recommended text for agent management profiles
UIOnboarding Wizard | Enforce permissions
UIui implement partner role sharing
UIAdd UUID to GET /tenants/{tenantId}/roles/dashboard/{dashboardId} in ITOM
UIAdd UniqueId column in console model
UIDocument set default dashboard endpoint
UIDocument get default dashboard endpoint
UIRecent searches in Infrastructure search
UIv2 Infrastructure Page | Recent Queries
Issues FixedAPI FrameworkHow to get ended and plaining Resource Note using API
Alert ManagementFirst Response suppression policy is not working
Alert ManagementTicket with Agent offline generated for correlated alert was not auto-closed
Alert ManagementSome alerts are not being suppressed with the First Response policy
Alert ManagementFT-Alert Browser 2.0 is not showing any alerts
App FrameworkFix adding account even if mandatory fields are not provided
CS GridAlias names for VSP devices are missing during the daily discovery run
Cloud MonitoringAWS Cloud rescan failed
Cloud MonitoringAzure info was showing undiscovered resources
Cloud MonitoringStatus is not reflecting immediately when performing a scan from onboarding flow
Core PlatformError creation of SimpleAPITemplate instance
DashboardFix issue of consoles showing active that have not been active
EvaluationFT-Issue with Infrastructure >> Resources tab
EvaluationThe FT-Invited By column displays blank when a user is searched
EvaluationUnable to invite a colleague when a user is on the dashboard
EvaluationDuplicate Alert Definitions creating in name of GCP Firewall Dropped Packets
Knowledge BaseSearch KB Article API getting null data results on response body
Monitoring ManagementFixed the hitachivsp_storage_Cha_Cache_Path_Usage_Rate metric not populating data
Patch ManagementUnable to access patch config job
Patch ManagementFix excessive number of patch scan details notifications
Patch ManagementScheduled script job triggers are not scheduling during startup
Patch ManagementScript search is not working
Patch ManagementUnable to un-manage the devices
Process AutomationClient Admin cannot see process definitions
Process AutomationIssue while trying to view the latest entries under Running process instances or Recently completed
Process AutomationFixed filters under Start Event Type/Start Event Operation where previously selected checkboxes are not visible
ReportsAudit logs do not show deleted device information
Resource ManagementSentinelOne agent not showing in OpsRamp under Installed Software section
Resource ManagementSearch 2.0 is not working for the new clients
Resource ManagementIn Attributes>Hardwares>Logical Disks, getting 400 error when clicking monitor button
SecurityFixed Integration > Settings (import) vulnerability
SecurityFixed Monitoring > Events (import) vulnerability
SecurityFixed Monitoring > Events (add) vulnerability
SecurityFixed Monitoring > Metrics (import) vulnerability
SecurityFixed Monitoring > Metrics vulnerability
SecurityFixed Knowledge Base > Upload comments attachment vulnerability
SecurityInsecure CORS
SecurityVA-Improper access control-Reports-View-details
Service ManagementFixed slow incident API response
Service ManagementFixed UI scrolling issue when trying to attach alerts to incidents
TemplatesUnable to edit monitoring template globally: Prod > System Health > Host Resource MIB
TemplatesFixed No SNMP credential set mapped to device template error
UIUI flickers while running discovery for network devices
UIFix cause of synthetics 404 error
UIGateway device creation not working
UIClicking filters under monitors results in a blank page
UIColumn alignment issue with loading in device group
UIAlignment issue in Management Profile details page
UIFixed edit script input window width
UIV2 Infra search query appends with $resourceType as other
UIFix console dropdown icon alignment in Firefox
UIIn infrastructure maintenance list, add record count and pagination
UIWhen opening any incident from the Alert Escalation policy, partner and client dropdowns are missing in the opened Service Desk tab
UIFix error loading tile attachment error when importing curated dashboards locally
UIFixed inconsistent UI font size
UIDropdown chevron missing in navbar on topology screen
UIMake table page selection UI consistent in dark mode
UIAdd a dropdown component to the Alibaba flow
UIFixed UI alignment for Google cloud list display
UIIn Client edit page, enable/disable of Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping is not taking effect immediately
UICorrect the agent installation instructions for various Linux platforms
Documentation ChangesClient ID with UUID format updated added to release notes
Fixed MSSQL configuration parameter name:description discrepancy
Added data collection section to AWS/GCP/Azure/Alibaba documentation
Documented SNMP v3 trap processing on the gateway
Added SSH login restrictions in gateway and Syslog settings to the classic gateway documentation
Patching not supported on a Linux gateway documented
Updated platform overview page
Alibaba cloud and resources documented
automonitoring={automonitoring flag} argument for automonitoring in .msi installtion documented
Connecting gateways using daisy chaining documented
Document prediction tab in alert detail view
Regex-based alert enrichment policy documented
Document alert predictions page
New UI for custom branding documented
Document alert updated time behavior and UI change
AgentAgent self-heal alerts for applicable monitors documented
AgentShell- and Python-based deployment steps documented
Alert ManagementAlert Predictions feature documented
Cloud-Native MonitoringFixed enhanced Kubernetes cronjob/hob metric support typo
Compute MonitoringAdded additional details to the Cisco Hyperflex integration documentation
Integration FrameworkLegacy webhook URIs for alerts and incidents EOL deprecation documented
Integration FrameworkLegacy webhook URIs for alerts/incidents removed from integration docs
Recommended TemplatesLinux OS performance remote monitoring for gateway (V2) template added to the Recommended Templates document
Recommended TemplatesFor SNMP, added monitoring template documentation for Cohesity
Recommended TemplatesAdded VMware-tunnel-server-MIB templates to the recommended templates and support matrix documents
Recommended TemplatesMSSQL monitoring templates documented
Recommended TemplatesRemove gateway recommended templates, which are no longer supported
Remote ConsolesJava consoles deprecation notices updated
SyntheticsDocumented custom error messages in synthetic transactions
SyntheticsHTTP-SCRIPT transaction monitor success and error screenshot documented
SyntheticsSynthetics configuration parameter details documented
core platformAdded alert definition feature to release note