Week of March 6, 2023 (2023.03.W10)

Support for infrastructure resources

Week of February 27, 2023 (2023.02.W9)

Support for infrastructure resources

Gateway Collector enhancements

Note: All the features listed under the ‘Gateway Collector enhancements’ are only applicable from 14.0.0 Classic Gateway and the NextGen Gateway.

Resource pool information on virtual machines

Showing resource pool information on the Infrastructure > VMware virtual machine attributes section. Re-scan the VMware integration in order to populate this information.

VMware monitoring improvement

With this release OpsRamp supports VMware monitoring for VMware version 7.0, introduced the new templates (deprecated non-supported metrics and fixed the non-working metrics) for VMware 7.0

  • Following are the new templates:
    • VMware Host Hardware Health Status - v3
    • VMware Host Performance - v5
    • VMware VirtualMachine Performance - v5
    • VMware Datastore Performance - v4
    • VMware DataStore - Disk Performance - v2
    • VMware vCenter Performance - v4
    • VMware Cluster Performance - v5

See Hypervisor section for more details.

VCenter events based Inventory/Discovery

  • Enable the Event Schedule checkbox under the Discovery Schedule option at VMware discovery profile.
  • VMware Inventory starts when following events are identified at VCenter: VmClonedEvent, VmDeployedEvent, VmCreatedEvent, VmRemovedEvent, VmRestartedOnAlternateHostEvent, VmRelocatedEvent, VmMigratedEvent, DrsVmMigratedEvent.

See VMware section for more details.

Network configuration backup to new models

With Riverbed CX7055M and Cumulus Switches, you may now take a configuration backup. If you have Cumulus network devices and Riverbed CX7055M, you may add them to the network configuration backup process to gather network device configuration backup for those devices.

See Supporting OS and Model Devices for more details

Network configuration backup login improvements for SSH

While performing the network configuration backup and connecting to remote machines for SSH login, New Key Exchange algorithms, Host Key algorithms, and ciphers have been added.

NetApp monitoring improvement

Quota and Qtree metrics for volume resources were included as additional metrics for NetApp monitoring.

  • Following are the new templates:
    • Netapp Cluster Volume QTree Template
    • Netapp Cluster Volume Quota Template

See NetApp Cluster section for more details.

Additional inventory data for UCS

Support to show UCS profile name of rack and blade server against host name attribute on the device attribute page. Re-scan the UCS integration to populate this information.

New Authentication Algorithm Support for SNMP

Two new SNMP v3 privacy protocols (‘AES-192-C’ and ‘AES-256-C’) are now available for SNMP credentials.

Remote Script Executor Enhancements

  • Additional MACROs have been added to allow the script to use multiple credentials. In the script, you should declare the MACROs ${credential.type.all} to load all credentials and ${credential.type.name} to load a specified set of credentials.

  • To manage multiple instances, RSE may utilize several custom script parameters at the script level. For instance, if a database server is looking after multiple databases, we need various custom values to connect each database. To leverage this capability, users can use the custom property (custom.script.multi.arguments) at the RSE monitoring level.
    Note: It works if and only if this feature is enabled at OpsRamp portal, We have these changes at gateway end.

  • Improved script error handling allows you to more quickly check for script errors and determine their underlying causes.

    See Dynamic macros section for more details

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the VxRail monitoring data parsing failure in some context and Vxrail clustered monitoring code improvement.
  • Enhanced the VMware tags collection logic to collect whole VMware tags assigned on the VMs(virtual machines) while performing VMware discovery.

Security and vulnerability updates

  • Application security issues fixed by upgrading the wildfly integration SDK jar to the latest version.

Week of February 20, 2023 (2023.02.W8)

Support for infrastructure resources

Week of February 13, 2023 (2023.02.W7)

Support for infrastructure resources

Week of February 06, 2023 (2023.02.W6)

Support for infrastructure resources

Week of January 23, 2023 (2023.01.W4)

Support for infrastructure resources

Week of January 16, 2023 (2023.01.W3)

Support for infrastructure resources

Week of January 9, 2023 (2023.01.W2)

Support for infrastructure resources

Week of January 2, 2023 (2023.01.W1)

Support for infrastructure resources