TimeKeeper Health and Statistics


It monitor current source estimated offset in seconds, source GNSS state like - init, sync, holdover, unknown, na. and and Status of TimeKeeper - such as active or inactive(TIMEKEEPER-MIB :: currentSourceOffset : , currentSourceGnssState :, currentSourceGnssJamPercentage :,currentSourceGnssTemperature :,timekeeperState :


Device should support TIMEKEEPER-MIB

Supported Metric

Monitor NameMetric NameMetric Display NameUnitDescription
TimeKeeper Gnss Statisticstimekeeper_currentsource_gnss_JamPercentageTimekeeper CurrentSource GNSS JamPercentagePercentage(%)It monitor source gnss jam percentage.(TIMEKEEPER-MIB :: currentSourceGnssJamPercentage :
timekeeper_currentsource_gnss_TemperatureTimekeeper CurrentSource GNSS TemperatureCentigrade(C)It monitor source gnss temperature(TIMEKEEPER-MIB :: currentSourceGnssTemperature :
timekeeper_currentsource_gnss_StateTimekeeper CurrentSource GNSS StateIt monitor source GNSS state like - init, sync, holdover, unknown, na(TIMEKEEPER-MIB :: currentSourceGnssState :
TimeKeeper State and Offsettimekeeper_currentsource_OffsetTimekeeper CurrentSource OffsetNano Seconds(ns)It monitor current source estimated offset in seconds(TIMEKEEPER-MIB :: currentSourceOffset :
timekeeper_StateTimekeeper StateIt monitor status of timekeeper - such as active(0) or inactive(1).(TIMEKEEPER-MIB :: timekeeperState : values are active or inactive