Adtran Netvanta Monitors


Template to monitor Adtran Netvanta devices. Monitors CPU utilization,device health,file system utilization and heap space utilization. Validated on NetVanta 1534 PoE (SysObjId: enterprises.664.1.1027),NetVanta 1544 (SysObjId: enterprises.664.1.1092) and NetVanta 1534P (SysObjId: enterprises.664.1.1165)


No prerequisite

Supported Metric

Monitor NameMetric NameMetric Display NameUnitDescription
Adtran NetVanta CPU Utilizationadtran.netvanta.cpu.utilization.5minCPU Utilization%Monitors the average CPU utilization over the last 5 minutes.[OID:]
Adtran Netvanta Heap Space Utilizationadtran.netvanta.heapspace.utilizationNetvanta Heap Space Utilization%Monitors the heap space utilization.[OIDs:,]
Adtran Netvanta File System Utilizationfile.system.utilizationFile system utilization%Monitors the file system utilization.[OIDs:,,]
Adtran NetVanta Device Healthadtran.netvanta.device.healthNetvanta Device HealthProvides the overall health of the Adtran Netvanta device. The goal of this object is to be the single poll point to check the status of the device. Possible values are 1- Unknown,2- Unused,3- OK,4- Warning,5- Critical,6- Non recoverable.[OID:]
System Uptimesystem.uptimeSystem UptimesThe time since the SNMP agent in the system was last re-initialized.[OID :]