The Traces is your home base where you can view all the ingested traces. You can view the visual representation of all the spans (parent and child spans), save views, and filter your traces to see only those which are relevant to your investigation or specific use case.

1Click to access the Favorite, Quick Links, and Service Overview sections.
2You can also search a trace using +QUERY. The search query consists of attributes, operators and a value.
3Open a new view using the >+ icon.
4Refresh the page to refresh the page. You can select the time from the drop-down list. The page refreshes based on the time selected.

5Filter the traces for a specific period of time. You can filter a maximum of the last 07 days trace information and can be viewed on the dashboard.

You can choose the date and time and create a custom query to filter traces produced by a specific service.
6Select the individual traces to display the details in the side panel.