The OpsRamp traces feature is used to track and monitor the behavior and performance of applications. Tracing involves the recording and analysis of various events and activities within an application to gain insights into the application’s execution flow, identify bottlenecks, and troubleshoot issues.

This section describes how to view the application-related information such as service count, average latency, error rate, and Ops/second details. The Application Insights page showcases a list of monitored applications, providing details on the services associated with each application.

To view application details:

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Traces.

  2. On the left side of this page, click the Menu icon.

  3. Under Quick Links, select Applications.
    The APPLICATIONS page displays information about all the applications.

  4. Click each application to access a list of associated services.

Set application name in Tracing proxy

To configure the application name in the tracing proxy, modify the settings in the /opt/opsramp/tracing-proxy/conf/config_complete.yaml file as specified below:

# AddAdditionalMetadata adds all the specified key value pairs to the traces and metrics
# the values must be a valid json key value pair like eg: {"key_1":"value_1", "key_2":"value_2"}
# max number of additional keys supported is 5, if the limit exceeds then we considered the first 5
# based on sorted order of keys
# "app" label is mandatory
AddAdditionalMetadata: { "app": "<application_name>" }