As we progress with microservices, OpsRamp recognizes that the majority of operational challenges encountered when transitioning to distributed architecture primarily stem from two core areas: Networking and Observability. Networking and debugging a collection of interconnected distributed services present a significantly larger-scale issue compared to a single monolithic application.

Tracing provides better visibility into how applications and services interact with each other internally to handle a request. This offering benefits the following aspects by tracing the entire path:

  • Performance and Latency
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Service Dependency Analysis

At present, OpsRamp provides two main services:

  • Trace Proxy: It is a common proxy where all the traces from a customer’s application are aggregated, down-sampled and exported to the OpsRamp portal.
  • Traces UI: A common shared storage for presenting the traces UI to visualize the traces and provide information to users.

What is OpenTelemetry ?

OpenTelemetry is a vendor-agnostic instrumentation library per language to generate, emit, collect, process and export telemetry data.

See OpenTelemetry for more details.

What is Distributed Tracing ?

Distributed traces record the paths that requests take as they propagate through multi-service architectures, like microservice and serverless applications.Distributed tracing enables IT teams to find relationships between events and identify any failures or errors in application performance.