If you are already using a cluster gateway, this article will guide you how to migrate to a nextgen gateway.


Make sure cluster gateway is registered to opsramp cloud and micro k8s is running.

Micro k8s status:

Pods status:

Migration of Clustered gateway to NextGen gateway

Run the following commands to migrate the existing clustered gateway to nextgen gateway:

  1. Download the migration script.
wget -c https://storage.googleapis.com/opsramp_cluster_gateway_asserts/collector-cli/Migration/cluster-nextgen/cluster-nextgen.tar.gz
  1. Untar the script using following command.
tar -xvzf cluster-nextgen.tar.gz
  1. Run the build.sh file to setup and configure the required files in the host machine.
cd cluster-nextgen
sudo sh build.sh
  1. Make sure all the required files and binaries are available before running the migration script.
  2. Run the migration script using following command.
sh migrate.sh
  1. Run the following command to start using kubernetes.

Example for Rancer k3s:

export KUBECONFIG=/etc/rancher/k3s/k3s.yaml

OpsRamp Collector Bootstrap Tool

Refer to OpsRamp Collector Bootstrap Tool if you want to setup and configure the OpsRamp collector bootstrap tool in different environments with different OS flavours (Linux, Windows, and Mac).