This section of the document explains how to view the port channel link details related to the network topology map.

To view the details:

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Network Topology.

  2. Select a resource from the drop-down list.
    The topology explorer is displayed with the base resource you selected and its neighbours including the connections, based on the Depth level.

  3. Double-click on a port channel link to view the information. At present, the available protocol link types are:

    • Arista to Arista port channel link
    • Cisco to Cisco port channel link
    • Cisco to Arista port channel link

    When you click the port channel the links are separated and displayed as shown below:

    Following is the information with description:

SourceName of the source.
TargetName of the target.
Source InterfaceDetails of the source interface.
Source InterfaceDetails of the target interface.
AvailabilityCheck the availability status.
SpeedSpeed details of the link.
ProtocolProtocol details of the link.
Source IPSource IP details.
Target IPTarget IP details.