You can sort a network topology map into layers, which allows you to show and hide the map by layers.

To show/hide the layers:

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Network Topology.
  2. Select device from the drop-down list. The topology explorer is displayed with the base resource you selected and its neighbours including the connections, based on the Depth level.
  3. Select a layer from the Layers drop-down list. The selected layer is now the active layer. Note: The available layers are L1 and L3.

Layer 1 layout

Layer 3 layout


Depth refers to the level of topology you want to view. When you have many resources across multiple levels, displaying all resources is impractical. Select the level of topology you want to view for a more comprehensible view.

When you first view the topology, all base resources at the hierarchical top-level, Depth 1, are displayed. You can specify view levels up to Depth 3.