Complete the following tasks to create a rule:

  1. Navigate to Configuration Management > Network Configuration.
  2. Under the RULES tab, click +ADD.
    The CREATE RULE page is displayed.
  1. In the RULE DETAILS page, enter the following information:
  • Name: Name of the rule.
  • Description: Add a description to the rule.
  • Rule Type: Select a rule type: Single Lines (passes string in single line) or Multiple Lines (passes string in multiple lines). By default, Single Line is selected for a rule.
  • Severity: You can specify severity level for your rule: Warning or Critical.
  • Compliance string - Enter the string value to be checked in the device.
  • Remediation String - Enter the string to be passed if the compliance string is not found in the device.
  1. Click SAVE.
    The rule is created and can be viewed under RULES.