You can monitor the status of the policies and check if the rules are passed or failed from the Compliance page. This page provides a single approval or bulk approval option to the user. This page also displays assigned resources count with the Critical, Warning, and Unknown status count.


  • The page displays the count based on the rule severity (critical or warning). For example, if a device has 03 critical and 03 warning as severity, then the policy checks for the priority (critical is considered as priority) and shows 03 critical count under the compliance list.
  • If a user wants to check for all the severity count, then it can be viewed under the Assigned Resources page.

Below information is displayed under compliance section:

NameName of the policy.
Last UpdatedDate and time when the policy was last updated.
Assigned ResourcesNumber of resources assigned to the policy.
CriticalIndicates severity level of the resources.
WarningIndicates severity level of the resources.
UnknownIndicates when the device is not reachable and you need to run the job again.