View the configured patches in Patch Management > Patch Configuration.

Patch Configuration

The following table describes the various attributes displayed on the Patch Configuration page:

Client NameName of the selected client.
Patch Configuration NameName of the configured patch.
Patch SourceThe location to save the downloaded patches.
Patch PolicyDescribes whether the patches are auto-approved, manually approved, or auto-installed.
ScheduleThe start date, time, and the recurrence pattern of the patch configuration.
DevicesThe numeral indicates the number of chosen devices. Click the displayed number to view the selected devices.
UUIDThe universally unique ID used for API communication.
Patch StatusTracks the Installed, In Progress, and Failed patches in the patch configuration. The counts refresh every five minutes and display only the past 24 hour details. Click the displayed number to view the corresponding patch progress device list details such as patch names, device names, and count.
Run NowRun the patch job on selected devices and resource groups.