Unified Communication and Netflow are available on a trial basis, contact your OpsRamp Sales team for installation and configuration information.

Unified Communications and Netflow provide a dedicated network flow monitoring solution that targets enterprises and service providers with a need for deep network flow monitoring.

  • Unified Communications: Analyzes your user communication channels.
  • Netflow: Generates a data collection of your network flow.

Features include:

  • A self-contained Linux OS.
  • Automatic patch implementation.
  • A database based on a big data architecture.
  • Support for migration of all data from one service pack to another or from one release to another.
  • No dependencies on other modules.
  • No dependencies on matching releases of other modules.
  • Scaling of the data store – vertically and horizontally. The amount of data retained is dependent upon the amount of storage volume given.
  • Scaling to 100’s of thousands of flows per second.

The following figure shows the high-level architecture:

Unified Communications and Netflow Architecture