HTTP/HTTPS monitor tests the availability of the server to handle requests and calculates the connection time.

Create HTTP/HTTPS synthetic monitor

Before you create the monitor, enable the synthetic agent flag in Setup > Resources > Management Profile > Management Gateways > Synthetic. This flag is used to show your private locations.

  1. After you select the synthetic monitor type, go to the Add Synthetic window and provide the following details:
    • Name: Unique name of the selected synthetic monitor.
      The value entered in the Name field must be unique. If the name is not unique, the screen displays an error message: Name Already Exists.
    • URL: Name of the URL that you want to monitor.
    • Locations: Locations from where you want to monitor the URL.
    • Authentication Type: Supported authentication types are Basic, NTLM, and OAuth.. You need to enter the username and password after selecting the Authentication Type. The screen displays a confirmation message about the successful addition of the synthetic monitor.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Click OK.
    The Synthetics page displays the configured synthetic monitor.

The Synthetics page under Infrastructure displays the availability status of the monitor as a red flag if the configured website does not load in the configured Connection Timed Out value.

To manage a configured synthetic monitor:

  • Edit: Modifies the existing details of the configured synthetic monitors.
  • Delete: RemoveS the configured synthetic monitor.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: Moves any configured synthetic monitor to Scheduled Maintenance.

After configuring, view metrics, and graphical representations for more information.

Graphical metrics representation

Supported metrics

Metric NameUnits

Location Count. The number of locations where the configured host is down

Response time. Duration to do the configured HTTP Method (GET, POST, PUT, HEAD) to specified URL

Name Lookup Time. Duration from the start until the DNS name is resolved

Connection Time. Duration from the start until the web server is connected

AppConnect Time. Duration from start until SSL/SSH handshake is completed

Start TransferTime. Duration from start until just when the first byte is received

Redirect Time. Time taken for all redirect steps before the final transfer

Pretransfer Time. Duration from the start until the file requested page transfer is about to start