This section covers the procedures for monitoring Linux and Windows operating system metrics. These monitors can be classified as:

  • Performance monitors

    • CPU
    • Disc
    • Memory
    • Uptime
    • FreeDisk
    • Load
    • CPU Stats
    • Network
  • Process monitors

  • Service monitors

  • File system monitors

All OS monitors except file system monitors support alert auto-healing. Auto-healing applies when a resource threshold setting is changed. The agent sends an auto-heal alert for all existing critical and warning alerts associated with that resource threshold. At the next polling interval, the agent sends an alert, if indicated, based on the new threshold setting. This guarantees that alerts generated for the metric/monitor always apply to the latest threshold settings. The auto-heal alert description is OpsRamp agent has generated auto-heal alert due to configuration changes for this monitor. Alert descriptions for alerts generated by new threshold crossings characterize the alert based on the new threshold setting, such as The value exceeded 70%.

For service and process monitors, if the service or process list changes, the agent sends an auto-heal alert only if a process or service is removed from the list to prevent alerts from persisting in an open state.