If two or more templates have the same metrics with different frequency and scopes, and they are assigned on one device, then the monitoring data is collected for both the metrics which have the same result. This will lead to duplicate alerts generation, metric data collection and graphs.


Template Precedence is implemented to fix the above problem.

Different scope priority table

Client Level Template1
Partner Level Template 2
SP level Template3
Global Level Template4

In the above case:

  • Priority is based on the template scope.
  • Only the template with the lowest priority number will be considered.

Same scope priority table

ScopeUpdated time of templatePriority
Client Level Template T115-Jan-2022 04:08:14 PM2
Client Level Template T2 17-Dec-2022 05:09:17 PM1

In the above case, priority is based on the template that has the latest updated time.


  1. If a metric exists in a partner level template and a global level template, and both the templates are applied to one device, then the partner level metric is considered as the final metric, and it is sent to the collector (gateway/agent).

  2. If a metric exists in two templates, and these templates have the same priority, then the template that has the latest updated time is considered.

What is going to change

Resources that have the same metrics in different templates will be impacted.

The changes can be seen in the UI: Infrastructure > Device View > Monitors

Low level priority metrics will be struck off and only active metrics are sent to the agent/gateway.