To edit a template:

  1. Go to Setup > Monitoring.

  2. Under Monitoring, click Templates. The TEMPLATES listing page is displayed.

  3. Search for the template you want to modify.

  4. Click the template name. The Monitor Template page is displayed.

  5. Click Edit. Make the necessary changes.

  6. Click Next.

    Note: Duplicate metrics cannot be added in G2 templates.

  7. In the Monitors section, click the edit icon for the metric you want to modify. You can also add or delete a monitor.

  8. The Edit Monitor window is displayed.

  9. Select the required frequency from the Frequency drop-down list box.
    Note: The frequency for other metrics with the same monitor also changes.
    If you change the metric frequency for any other monitor, it will not have any impact on other monitors. (This is applicable for G2 based templates.)

    • There are two monitors A and B.
    • A has two metrics: Metric 1 and Metric 2.
    • B has two metrics: Metric 3 and Metric 4.
    • If you change the frequency for Metric 1, the frequency for Metric 2 also gets changed.
    • If you change frequency for Metric 3, it will not have any effect on Metrics 1 and 2 (they will remain the same.)

  10. Select values for Warning Operator, Warning Threshold, Warning RepeatCount, Critical Operator, Critical Threshold, Critical RepeatCount as required.

  11. Select Alert and Availability to initiate monitoring.

  12. Click Update to save changes.

  13. Click Save to save the MONITOR TEMPLATE.