The Database Administrators (DBAs) can set the permissions or privileges required for users to monitor the database.

As an administrator, the minimum privileges can be set or modified for an existing or a new user according to the platform that is specific to your database.

Providing unrestricted access to the database can pose a threat to the security of all database objects such as tables, indexes, and views. Using privileges, you can assign privileged roles to any user account to maintain the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the database objects.

The following tables describe the minimum privileges that can be set.


SELECTMinimum privilege to monitor all G2 templatesGRANT SELECT ON *.* TO 'username'@'%';


serveradminMinimum privilege to monitor MSSQL DBsys.dm_exec_query_stats


SELECT ANY DICTIONARYMinimum privilege to monitor all G2 templates.GRANT SELECT ANY DICTIONARY TO MY_USER;