After creating a monitor, you can add the monitor to a template. Other functions available include:

  • Edit the monitor to change configuration parameters.
  • Delete the monitor and remove it from the MONITORS page. You must delete the associated template before you can delete an active monitor.


  • The monitor must have metrics of the same script type.
  • Select the custom parameter path depending on the script type.


Enter the following parameters on the CREATE A MONITOR page:

Monitor ScopePartner- or client-level scope of monitor.
Adaptor TypeMonitor type.
Application TypeResource type.
NameUnique monitor name.
DescriptionMonitor description.
MetricsMetrics associate with the monitor. See the section, below.
Configuration ParametersParameters associated with the monitor. See the section, below.

Add metrics

  1. From Metrics, click + Add. A maximum of 20 metrics is recommended. Adding more metrics to a monitor can cause performance issues.
  2. From the Metrics screen, search the metric and click Add Metrics. Enter the metrics you want to add.

Add configuration parameters

  1. From Configuration Parameters, click + Add.
  2. Enter a default value for each parameter.
  3. Select **Configurable **.
  4. Click + Add.
  5. On the Configuration Parameters page, enter the configuration parameters.