Configuring synthetic monitors according to your requirement enhances synthetic security and stabilizes IT operations process flow.

  • Whitelist IP addresses for your location.
  • Assign a synthetic template.
    This is used to initiate synthetic monitoring using Assign Templates or Device Management Policies.
  • Set permissions for Device Create, Device Edit, Device View, and Device Manage to create, edit, view, and delete the configured synthetic monitors respectively.
  • Verify if the role assigned to you contains access to all resources. Otherwise, you cannot delete a synthetic monitor.

The attributes created after configuring a synthetic monitor provides more visibility regarding details, such as metrics, monitors, and availability log.

Add synthetic monitors

Multiple synthetic monitors are available to configure in the application.

  1. Select a client from the All Clients list.
  2. Select Infrastructure > Resources > Synthetics and click ADD.
  3. From the options in the Type drop-down menu, select the synthetic monitor.
    The Add Synthetic window displays parameters according to the option selected in the Type drop-down.

Next steps