First response policy permits you to auto-suppress alerts as a first response for non-significant alerts.


You must have OpsQ View and OpsQ Manage permissions to manage first response and alert escalation policies.

A training file is required to suppress specific alerts or snooze specific alerts. The training file includes examples of alerts to be suppressed. See Alert Management Training File for more information.


  1. Go to Setup > Alerts > First Response.
  2. Specify Client Select but do not select a client.
  3. Click +Add.
  4. Enter a policy name.
  5. Verify that the Policy Scope is PARTNER.
  6. For Client, choose Include All Clients or Include Clients
  7. Select the mode.
  8. Select Filter Criteria to specify filter rules.
  9. From Policy Definition, specify Alert Pattern Actions and Alert Attribute Actions values.
  10. Click Save.

Click the count of numbers displayed against Number of suppressions to view detailed information.

New First Response Policy - Partner