You can view alert prediction policies on the Alert Prediction Policies page.

  1. Go to Setup > Alerts > Alert Prediction to display the list of defined alert prediction policies.
  1. Select the client for the alert prediction policies you want to view.

    You can select the number of alert prediction policies to display per page.

    Each alert prediction policy entry includes the following information:

    Prediction Policy AttributeDescription
    Policy NameName assigned to the alert prediction policy.
    Created ByThe user who created the alert prediction policy.
    Updated ByThe user who last updated the alert prediction policy.
    Last Updated TimeThe last date and time the alert prediction policy was updated.
    Predicted AlertsThe current number of predicted alerts.
    Click the number to view the Predicted Alerts page.
    ML StatusOne of the following:
    • Awaiting Data
    • Training Queued
    • Training Initiated
    • Training Started
    • Training
    • Ready
    • Error
    ModeEnabled, ON or OFF.
    1. You can select Train Now to train the selected alert prediction policy.