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Resource Management Overview

Introducion to resource management.

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Resource management helps manage hardware and software components as well as elements that support your data center and deliver business services. For example, applications, physical serverv (Linux, Windows), virtual servers (VM, KVM, XenServer), and Cloud environments.

Resource management policies help you implement certain conditions you want to define to a specific set of resources. For example, you can create some custom attributes and through Device Management Policy, you can apply it to one device or a set of devices.

Resource management is a process that involves:

  1. Creating an inventory of your resources with one of the following methods:
    • Manually through Add a resource option.
    • Automatically with discovery. This method is the preferred method.
  2. Defining and assigning policies to manage your resources.

Discovered resources in the inventory list can be categorized for quick identification. Resources are categorized with either OpsRamp-defined attributes or user-defined custom attributes. After rules and conditions are defined on resources, those resources can be monitored.