Documentation is now available for the Fall 2020 Update release!

Remote Consoles Overview

Describes how to launch consoles into managed devices remotely.

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OpsRamp’s Secure Remote Console enables you to launch consoles into managed devices remotely. Remote consoles let you securely log into hybrid infrastructure through a wide variety of protocols like Secure Shell (SSH), Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Telnet, and Virtual Network Computing (VNC).


The benefits of using remote consoles are:

  • Accessing a remote device through secured protocols
  • Viewing or taking control of distributed systems to help users with issues.
  • Transferring files among servers.
  • Using video playback recordings for audit trails, change and compliance management, and training.

Types of remote consoles

OpsRamp provides the following types of remote consoles:

  • Java console (JNLP): Allows you access a remote server using a Java-based plugin.
  • Browser console: Allows you to access a remote server using a web browser.

Where consoles can be launched from

You can launch either a Java console or browser console from the following locations:

  • Infrastructure page on each device
  • Infrastructure page on multiple devices
  • Device Details page
  • Alert Details page
  • Incident page
  • Service Desk page
  • Management Profile page
  • Gateway Profiles page
  • Topology page