Documentation is now available for the Fall 2020 Update release!

Launching Admin Consoles

Describes how to add and launch admin consoles as well as how to launch on Windows 2008.

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Launching admin consoles involves the following:

  1. Defining the Admin Console parameters.
  2. Adding the Admin Console.
  3. Launching the Admin Console.

Before you begin

  • You can add and launch admin console only on Window 2003 and 2008 servers.
  • For Windows 2008 servers, you need to configure RemoteApp settings.

Step 1: Define the admin console parameters

To define admin console parameters:

  1. Go to Setup > Resources > Admin Console Parameters.
  2. Click + to add Admin Resource, provide details for Admin Console parameter, and click Save.
    For HTTP access, provide
  3. Click the admin resource to add parameters.
  4. Enter Name and parameters to add parameters, and click Save.

Step 2: Add the admin console

To add the Admin console:

  1. From All Clients, select a client.
  2. Go to Infrastructure and click the created name.
  3. From the device details, click Settings and click Add Console.
  4. For Admin Consoles, click Add and select the Admin Device.
    Input parameters are auto-populated.
  5. Click Save.

Step 3: Launch the admin console

To launch the Admin console:

  1. Go to Infrastructure and click on the name to launch Admin Console.
  2. Go to Launch Remote Console > Admin Console.
  3. Provide Ticket ID to associate the console activity to a ticket.
  4. Select the domain and then click OK.

Admin console is successfully launched.

Launching on Windows 2008

RemoteApp Manager is used to launch Admin Consoles on Windows 2008.

To configure RemoteApp Manager:

  1. From the Start button, go to Administrative Tools > Remote Desktop Services and start the RemoteApp Manager.
  2. On the Actions tab, click Remote Desktop Session Host Server Settings
  3. To enable the RDP client to launch applications, select Allow users to start both listed and unlisted programs on initial connection and click OK.
    • If this option is selected, then users can start any program remotely from a .rdp file on initial connection.
    • In the Access to unlisted programs sections, the following two options are available:
      • Do not allow users to start unlisted programs on initial connection (Recommended by Microsoft)
      • Allow users to start both listed and unlisted programs on initial connection (Suggested for testing applications with RDP Client)