This section describes how to install nextgen gateway through Helm based deployment.


  • Kubernetes 1.25+
  • Helm 3.8.2 +
  • 8 GB Memory (Recommended)
  • 60 GB Disk (Recommended)
  • 4 Core of CPU (Recommended)

Deployment Process

To deploy Helm, follow below steps:

  1. Pull the helm chart using the following command.
    helm pull oci:// --version 1.4.0
  2. Untar the helm chart using the following command.
    tar -xvzf nextgen-gw-1.4.0.tgz
  3. Update the following values in the helm chart values.yaml file.
    gatewayName: "nexgen-gw"             #To set Custom hostname
    opsramp_cloud_native: "enable"       #Default it is disable
            API_SERVER:                  #Enter API Server URL
           ACTIVATION_KEY:               #Enter Activation Token Generated from Management Profile
        ConnectionType: direct           #Set as proxy if connecting via proxy
        ProxyIp:                           #Set Proxy IP if available
        ProxyPort:                         #Set Proxy Port if available
        ProxyUsername:                     #Set Proxy UserName if available
        ProxyPassword:                     #Set Proxy Password if available
        Protocol: http
    imageChannel: "pre-release" 


ISO download
  1. Now, install the helm chart using the following command.

    helm install nextgen-gw nextgen-gw -n <NAMESPACE>      
    # If namespace is not passed it will use default namespace.

  2. Make sure the nextgen-gw-install-hook-pod pod is successfully created.

    ISO download

  3. Once the CLI returns successfully, navigate to Setup > Resource > Management Profile to check if the gateway registered successfully.