The OpsRamp gateway must adhere to outbound and inbound connectivity requirements and sizing guidelines.

Outbound connectivity requirements

A gateway must have the following network access:

Outbound connectivity
TCP port 443To connect to OpsRamp using its public IP addresses (link below)
DNSTo resolve *

Inbound connectivity requirements

Each gateway must have network access as below:

Inbound connectivity
TCP port 5480For users to access the gateways's web-based admin UI, for administration.
TCP port 3128To accept connections from agents, if agents are configured to connect to OpsRamp using the gateway's embedded proxy.
TCP port 162For network devices to send SNMP traps to the gateway.
Agent and gateway connectivity requirements

Agent and gateway connectivity requirements

Sizing guidelines

Virtual Instance Guidelines
Managed ResourcesVirtual Instances
Up to 25 resources2 Virtual CPUs, 2 GB RAM / 40 GB HDD / 1 NIC
Up to 100 resources4 Virtual CPUs, 4 GB RAM / 40 GB HDD / 1 NIC
Up to 500 resources8 Virtual CPUs, 8 GB RAM / 100 GB HDD / 1 NIC
Greater than 500 resources at a single siteDeploy multiple gateways

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