OpsRamp supports using gateways on Windows machines. To use, install and register the gateway.


See Windows System Requirements.

Installing on Windows

Run the installer .exe file and silent installation takes care of rest.

To download and install:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Downloads > Gateway and download Windows Gateway.
  2. Click the installer exe file as an administrator, to start the installation.
    Note: Windows Gateway is a silent installation.
  3. (Optional) To view log file to check the progress of installation, refer to the temp file: C:\Windows\Temp and open the OpsRampWindowsGatewayInstallation file. The log file displays complete details.
    After successful installation, a confirmation pop-up is displayed.

Registering with OpsRamp

To register gateway, create a management profile from the OpsRamp console and then register using the command line interface.

Create a Management profile from OpsRamp console

Create a management profile and then copy the command required for registration.

  1. Go to Setup > Resources and click Management Profiles.
  2. On the Management Profiles List page, click +Add.
  3. On the Management Profile page, enter the required details for New Management Profile, select Gateway as Profile Type and click Submit.
    Management profile is created and displayed on the View Management Profile page. The page displays steps to activate the Gateway.
  4. Follow the instructions and register the Gateway or copy the command Gateway Installed on Windows platform.

Register using Command line interface

To register:

  1. Log into the Windows Server where you installed the Windows gateway application.
  2. Open command prompt as an administrator and paste the copied command from the Management profile and press Enter.

Status of the registration is displayed in the command prompt.

A confirmation message appears after successful registration of gateway.