If you cannot ping the other nodes using the hostname, add the IP address and hostname of the other nodes to the /etc/hosts file. See the MicroK8s documentation for tips on troubleshooting cluster setup-related issues.

Update images

Delete existing imagemicrok8s ctr i rm <imageName>
Pull latest Imagemicrok8s ctr i pull <url>
Import image from filemicrok8s ctr i import <fileName.tar>
Re-tag Imagemicrok8s ctr i tag <oldName> <newName>

Update helm packages

Install charthelm install <packageName> <helmPackageFile>
Update existing charthelm upgrade <packageName> <helmPackageFile>
Delete existing charthelm uninstall <packageName>
Package as tarhelm package <helmChartDirectory>
Untar the charttar -xvzf <helmChartFile.tar>