Can I roll back to the classic gateway from a gateway cluster?

Yes, you can roll back from a gateway cluster to the classic gateway without re-onboarding your managed resources and without monitoring data loss.

De-register the gateway cluster from its management profile and register a classic gateway in its place.

SDK-based apps will not work moving back to Classic Gateway. For all SDK-based apps, cluster gateway is required.

How do I validate the multi-node cluster gateway setup?

Validate that your cluster is set up correctly by:

  • Running network discovery on a few managed resources.
  • Applying ping monitors on the resources.

How do I validate that the cluster can successfully recover from a node failure?

  1. Select one of the nodes.
  2. Power the node off to simulate node failure. The cluster recovers from the failure by restarting failed node monitoring applications on the remaining nodes.
  3. Verify that monitors resume monitoring by observing the metric graphs in the UI.

How to restrict Gateway Manager access?

  1. Gateway Manager can be accessed on Cluster IP or Load Balancer IP from browser location https://<IPAddress>:5480.

  2. Run the following commands on the gateway node to switch between the IPs. This action can be performed after the installation of the Gateway Manager.

To enable Gateway Manager to run on Cluster IP and help restrict Gateway WebUI access on external IP:

microk8s kubectl edit services Gateway Manager

Change type: LoadBalancer to type: ClusterIP

Delete the line that starts with nodePort

To enable Gateway Manager to run on Load Balancer IP, which reverts the above change and permits Gateway WebUI access on the external IP:

microk8s kubectl edit services Gateway Manager

Change type: ClusterIP to type: LoadBalancer

How to change the DNS entries on the cluster?

If you want to use your own DNS entries instead of the default entries, run:

microk8s kubectl edit configmap/coredns -n kube-system

Change the default DNS entries and to the DNS entries you want.

How to connect the Gateway using an external proxy server?

To connect the Gateway to the OpsRamp portal, which permits the gateway to register and communicate using a proxy server, log in to the Gateway manager WebUI, https://<IPAddress>:5480, enter the proxy server details, and save.

How to pull helm charts and images using a proxy external server?

To pull helm charts and images using an external proxy server, configure the IP and port number of the proxy server details and restart the service:

nano /var/snap/microk8s/current/args/containerd-env

Enter the external proxy IP and port number:


Restart microk8s to complete the changes:

sudo microk8s stop
sudo microk8s start

How to check the logs?

Check the Pods and Containers logs files in the following locations:


How to remove a node from the cluster?

On a node crash or failure, you can remove the node from the cluster and join a new, identical node to the cluster:

sudo microk8s remove-node <NodeName> --force

How to add the new node to the existing cluster?

Refer to the join nodes section of Set Up a Multi-node Cluster to join a new node to the cluster.