Use the following steps to integrate topology explorer and service maps.

  1. In the filter drop-down list, if not selected by default, select HostName/IP Address.

  2. In Select Resource, select resource.

  3. Click Service Maps. All functionalities stop and the Create (Mapping) button is displayed at the top.

  4. To add all the resources to a service map, select Select All. Non-highlighted resource are not monitored.

    Select resources to include in service maps
  5. Click Create to add a mapping, which displays Create Mapping page. You can view the selected resources list. If needed, deselect any resources, which removes them from the service pap.

  6. Enter the Node Name and Service Map Name.

  7. In Select Type, select from New Service Map or New Node on Existing Service Map.

  8. Click Create. If you have New Service Map selected, a pop-up confirms the successful creation of the service map:

    Create mapping
  9. Click Go to Service Map, which displays service map details:

    Service map created from topology