Resources can be logically organized according to where they are physically located.

For example, all the resources in your corporate office can be grouped based on the location of your office.

The following can be viewed:

  • Policy log and schedule maintenance for the group of resources can be viewed.
  • Availability statuses of the resources belonging to the site (or the location).

Before you start, discover all the resources for your location.

Create a Site

A Partner or a client user with permission to manage devices can create a Site.

Site creation includes providing details about a location and adding resources belonging to that location.

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Search.

  2. Click the Resource Categories dropdown available on the left pane.

  3. Select the Sites option.

  4. Click on the menu (three dots) icon available beside the search icon and click on Add Site.

  5. Enter the following details on the Add Site page:

    1. Name: Give a site name typically based on the location of the resources.
    2. Parent Site: Default value is None(Top Level).
      Note: If you select a site from the dropdown, a subsite is created under the site selected.

  6. Provide details about the site in the Description box.

  7. Provide details for Site Location: Country, State, Zip, City, and Address.

  8. Select the primary contact person from the dropdown.

  9. Enter the phone number.

  10. In the Assigned Resources section, you can assign the resources to the site either through filter criteria or by manually assigning them, or both.

    • Filter Criteria
      1. Click anywhere in the Filter Criteria box and click on +Query.
      2. Build a query using OpsQL. The matching results are displayed. The list has Name, Resource Type, IP Address, and Operating System columns.
      3. Click on Apply Selection. All the resources are added.
        Note: The maximum number of regex terms that can be used is 5.

    • Manually Assigned Resources
      1. Click anywhere in the Manually Assigned Resources box and select the resources. You can also click on Advanced Search to build a query using OpsQL. The matching results are displayed.
      2. Select the resources and click on Apply Selection. The resources are added.

  11. Click on Save. The site is created. Use the search box to search for the site.