This page describes how to download and save the configured analysis reports.

Download the Configured Analysis

Once run has successfully completed, you will be able to download the report in (PDF and XLSX) format.
You have two ways to download the reports:

  • Option 1: Click ellipsis () on the right side of the page, then choose either Download PDF or Download XLSX option to download the report to your local machine.
  • Option 2: Click Recent tab and then chosse either PDF or XLSX option to download the report on your local machine.

Save the Configured Analysis

After a successful run, you can save the report and schedule it for auto-run.
To save your configured analysis, follow these steps:

  1. Click ellipsis () located on the right side of the page.
  2. Click Save As Analysis option to save the run as analysis.
  3. Next, give name to your analysis under “Analysis Name” field.
  4. If you want to schedule the run, enable the “Run on Schedule” option and configure the following fields. (This is optional)
    • Daily: Select this option to run your analysis on a daily basis and can configure by choosing the available time preference.
    • Weekly: Select this option to apply to run your analysis on a weekly basis. Configure weekly schedule by selecting the available time preference.
    • Monthly: Select this option to apply to run your analysis on monthly wise only. Configure this by selecting the number of days in a month.
    • Format: Choose the format for which you want to generate the reports.
    • Recipient User Groups (DL): Users have the option to select specific user groups from the drop-down menu. This allows them to receive notifications based on the success or failure of the analysis. Here UserGroups are loaded exclusively within the scope of the tenant.
    • Recipient Users: Select the users from the list to send the report notification. Here Users are loaded exclusively within the scope of the tenant.
    • Subject: The user will receive an email notification with this subject heading.
    • Message: You can add your message here, if not added anything the system will send with a default message subject. Date and time in subject are referred to completion of time.
  • Set Time Zone: You can run the schedule in a specific time zone. When you choose a time zone, it ignores the different local time zones and uses the time zone specified in the configuration.
  • Failure Notification: When users enable the “Failure Notification” option during schedule the analysis run, they will be notified if the schedule run fails.
    Only the users who created the schedule analysis run will be notified if the run get fails.
  1. Finally, click Save button.
  2. You can find your saved analysis under the Analyses section.
  3. Click Back To Overview at the upper right corner to return to the Overview page.

Next Steps

Refer View the Saved Analysis document.