As applications move towards the cloud, microservices, and cloud-native architectures, it is becoming more important to monitor logs. OpsRamp offers a fast, scalable log management platform to connect your logs with the rest of the metrics and infrastructure data in a single place.

The solution unifies your log, event, and performance data within your monitoring and event management command center to help you find probable root cause of performance issues quicker and resolve potential incidents faster – saving your team time and ensuring a positive customer experience.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Ingest and process log data from virtually any source.
  • Parse, search and filter log data based on application type, timeframe, and severity.
  • Trigger alerts based on deviations from normal data patterns.
  • Increased knowledge of application performance.
  • Identify probable root cause faster.
  • Improve contextual understanding so you can resolve incidents faster.
  • Reduce human error when troubleshooting key workflows.

The Log Management now offers two levels of permissions: Log View and Log Manage. This allows users to effectively control and modify Log Management settings.


  • By default, the Log View is assigned to all administrators and normal users.
  • The Log Manage permission is assigned to Service Provider, Partner and Client Adminstrators by default. Only users with the log manage permission can edit log configuration settings like retention policy, ingestion limit, enable/disable agent logs.
  • Users without log manage permission can only view these settings but will not be able to edit these settings. The log alert definitions can be added by any user.