Share a Dashboard

A dashboard can be shared to roles that have the View Shared Dashboard permission.

Set permissions

  • Enable the View Shared Dashboard permission for the partners and the client users from: Setup > Permission Sets > Permissions > Dashboards

See Permission Sets to learn about enabling permissions.

Create a role

  • Create a role with partner or client scope from Setup > Roles.

See Create a role to learn about creating roles.

Share dashboard

To share a dashboard, do the following:

  1. Click the Share Dashboard icon from the main dashboard page.
    In the Share Dashboard window that appears, select the roles under the PARTNER USERS or CLIENT USERS category. Only the roles that have been created under the current partner or selected organization scope with the View Shared Dashboard permission will be displayed.
  2. Select a role or roles that have been assigned to partner users.
    • If you select a particular partner, only partner users that have been assigned the role can view the dashboard.
    • If you select all clients, all clients under that specific partner can view the dashboard.
    • If you select a particular client, only that client can view the dashboard.
  3. Click SHARE. The dashboard is shared with the users.

View shared dashboard

A shared dashboard can be viewed only if the partner or client user has the View Shared Dashboard permission.

Edit shared dashboard

A user can edit a shared dashboard only:

  • If the user has the Administrator permission.
  • If the user is at the same level as a partner or client. For example, if a partner dashboard is shared with a client user, the client user cannot edit the dashboard even if the user has admin permissions.

Unshare a dashboard

Click X next to the partner or client users in the Share Dashboard window. This removes the users from the selection and their permission to share the dashboard.