Open the dashboard menu to:

  • Create a dashboard using the dashboard builder tools.
  • Import a dashboard.
  • Upload a JSON file that can be used to instantiate a dashboard.


Create DashboardManually create a dashboard using the dashboard create tool.
Import DashboardImport a JSON file previously exported using the dashboard export option.
Create CollectionCreate a folder for grouping dashboards.
Search for dashboards or collectionsSearch for a dashboard or collection by name.

Dashboard list

The dashboard list shows curated, pre-configured dashboards and user-created dashboards. click the dashboard entry to view the dashboard. Dashboards are only displayed if the associated integration is installed.


Filter TypeDescription
filter on time rangeSelect a time range to filter the start time and end time for displaying metric data. Select pre-defined time intervals or use the date time-picker.
filter on variablesAssign a named variable to the value of an attribute to toggle between series to display.


Collections group dashboards allow you to organize dashboards. You can copy and move dashboards to a collection.

Dashboard actions

Set Default DashboardSelects a dashboard to be the first to be displayed when the main Dashboard 2.0 page is visited.
CopyCopies a dashboard to the specified collection. Dashboards must have a unique name.
MoveMoves a dashboard to the specified collection.
ExportExports the dashboard as a JSON file, which can be imported using the Import Dashboard menu option.
RenameRenames the dashboard.
DeleteDeletes the dashboard.