Create a Service Tile

  1. From Dashboard > Dashboard 2.0, create a new dashboard or select from an existing dashboard collection.

    See Create Dashboards to learn about creating dashboards.

  2. Click CREATE TILE or + from the toolbar.

  3. In the ADD TILE screen that appears, select SERVICE.

Service Tile

The following screen is displayed when partner and client is selected:

Service Tile
  1. Select the service from the SERVICE drop-down.
Service Tile
  1. In the CUSTOMIZE COLUMNS section, select the checkbox to display the information.

Note: By default Services is checked and cannot be unchecked.

Service Tile

The following screen is displayed when partner is selected:

Service Tile
  1. In the SERVICE section, you have the below drop-downs:
CLIENTThe Client information is displayed

  • By default All Clients are selected.
  • You may also click the CLIENT drop-down and select the SERVICE from the drop-down list for the client.
SERVICESelect the partner information from the drop-down list.

Note: By default All Services is selected.
Service Tile
  1. (Optional), click the ALL CLIENTS drop-down and click the Selected Clients radio button.

    Note: At the dashboard level when you change All Clients to a specific client, and select the same client from Selected Clients, in the service tile that specific client data is populated.

  2. (Optional) select the client from the drop-down list, and click APPLY.

Service Tile
  1. Select the partner name from the SERVICE drop-down list.
    Note: By default the Group Services is enabled, click the Grouped Services icon to disable.
Service Tile
  1. (Optional) Access the alerts specific to a service from the service widget:

    1. Click the Group Service icon to examine the alert statuses.
    2. Hover on the service to view critical and warning alerts.
Service Tile
  1. Click VIEW SERVICE, this would redirect you to the service map, enabling you to quickly explore and display the parent node and child node alerts information in detail.
Service Tile
  1. Click the Visualization tab to customize the visualization further:
    • HEADER: Set a name, color, size, and alignment for the header.

    • Grid Lines: Select the color of the grid lines, enable or disable the grid lines by clicking the toggle ON or OFF, Grid Lines option.

      Note: By default the Grid Lines is enabled.

    • Background Color: Select the background color, enable or disable the background color by clicking the toggle ON or OFF background color.

      Note: By default the Background Color is disabled.

    • Attribute: Select the color for the attribute, the size, bold or Italics.

Service Tile
  1. Click CREATE. The Service tile is created and displayed on the main dashboard page.