Create a Schedule Tile

  1. From Dashboard > Dashboard 2.0, create a new dashboard or select from an existing dashboard collection.

    See Create Dashboards to learn about creating dashboards.

  2. Click CREATE TILE or + from the toolbar.

  3. In the ADD TILE screen that appears, select Schedule.
    The following screen is displayed:

Add Schedule Tile Screen
  1. Select one of the following:
Tile OptionsFunctionality
Build my ownSchedule a tile to view upcoming events.

Build My Own

  1. Select the Build my own tab. This enables you to create a custom tile.
Add Schedule Tile Screen
  1. The following page is displayed
  1. In the Resource Groups, you may either Select All or view the list of schedule maintenance for a selected set of resource groups.


  1. Click the Visualization tab to customize the visualization further:
  • TILE
Label NameDescription
Background ColorSelect the background color, enable or disable the background color selecting the checkbox.
Note: By default the Background Color is enabled.
MonthChoose the color and size.
DayChoose the color and size.
Add Schedule Tile Screen
  1. Click Create.
    The Schedule tile is created and displayed on the main dashboard page.