Introduction to Embed Tile

Embed tiles allow you to incorporate data and visualizations from other tools and platforms into your dashboard.

For example, embedding interactive visualizations, videos, or other engaging content from Youtube can help keep users interested and engaged with the data and provide users with a comprehensive view to increase the liveliness of your dashboard.

Embed tiles allow you to make your dashboard a single pane of glass for visualizing telemetry data plus data from specific websites. This can help you to access all the relevant data in one place, which can save time and reduce the risk of errors.

Create an Embed Tile

  1. From Dashboard > Dashboard 2.0, create a new dashboard or select from an existing dashboard collection.

    See Create Dashboards to learn about creating dashboards.

  2. Click CREATE TILE or + from the toolbar.

  3. In the ADD TILE screen that appears, select Embed.
    The following screen is displayed:

Add Metric Tile Screen
  1. Select one of the following:
Tile OptionFunctionality
Build my ownVisualize UI loading from embeded url.

Build My Own

  1. Select the Build my own tab. This enables you to create a custom tile.
Add Metric Tile Screen
  1. Enter a link in the EMBED LINK section.
Service Tile

Note: By default the Auto Refresh is set to Off, click the drop down arrow to turn Auto Refresh to On.

  1. Click the Visualization tab to customize the visualization further:
    • HEADER: Set a name, color, size, and alignment for the header.
  2. Click ADD TILE.
Service Tile
  1. The Resource tile is created and displayed on the main dashboard page.
Service Tile


The following is the display visualization with the inputs:

Service Tile

The following is the display visualization with the inputs:

Service Tile