A List chart displays metric values in a two column list.

Create a List chart

  1. From the Dashboard 2.0, click + and select METRIC tile, and select List as the chart type.
  2. In the Query A, enter the PromQL query for the required metric. For example: system_disk_used_space
  3. Click Add Query to create another query field.
  4. In the Query B, enter the PromQL query for the required metric. For example: system_disk_free_space
  5. In the optional Label fields, provide label names. If you do not provide a name, by default, the labels will appear as Query A and Query B.
    • Sort the fields by ascending or descending order. Customize your charts using the options in the Visualization tab.
  6. Click Create.
    • The metric values are displayed in a two column list. The list provides information about different resources that match the query.


      List Chart
    • To view two different metric values for the same resource side by side, configure the common attributes such as name and operating system information in the Legend field.


      List Chart

Click the Legend field to redirect the visualization to the detailed view of the specific resource.

Refer to the Dashboard 2.0 section to learn more about creating dashboards.

Refer to the PromQL Query Builder section to learn in detail about using the PromQL query definitions.