Create DashboardManually create a dashboard using the dashboard create tool.
Import DashboardImport a JSON file previously exported using the dashboard export option.
Create CollectionCreate a folder for grouping dashboards.
Search for dashboards or collectionsSearch for a dashboard or collection by name.

Dashboard list

The dashboard list shows curated, pre-configured dashboards and user-created dashboards. Click on the dashboard entry to view the dashboard. Dashboards are only displayed if the associated integration is installed.


A dashboard visualization is created after specifying your metrics for the dashboard.

Metric tiles support:

  • PromQL-driven line and bar time-series: Displays metric values over time.
  • Single-value: Displays a metric value at one point in time.
  • List: Displays the data in as chart types.
  • Honeycomb: Displays the data as a honeycomb chart type.


The time-series option is identified as Combo. Metric values display over time and can support up to two queries. The metric can be represented by a line chart or a bar chart.

Time Series


The single-value option is identified as Value. A metric value displays at one point in time. Queries that return multiple series must have an aggregation. For example, avg(system_cpu_usage_total)

Single Value


The returned series and associated metric values display at a single point in time, in list form up to 30 time series. The values can be sorted by name and value.



Displays the data as a honeycomb chart type. The following graphic shows a honeycomb display of VM CPU By Region.


Metric tile customization

The following elements are used to customize visualizations:

Header LabelAdd a title to your chart.
Grid LinesEnable or disable grid lines.
BackgroundChange the background color.
DisplayToggle between Line and Bar charts.
LegendEnable or disable a legend display.
Data Color MappingChange the color of each series. Color pallets are customizable for time series charts, only.
AxisEnter and customize axes labels.
ThresholdsConfigure the chart to change color and background color when a specified threshold or condition is reached. This applies only to single-value and list chart types.

Text tiles

Text tiles are used to provide messages and descriptions for dashboard content.

Image tiles

Images can be uploaded as tiles.


Filter TypeDescription
filter on time rangeSelect a time range to filter the start time and end time for displaying metric data. Select pre-defined time intervals or use the date time-picker.
filter on variablesAssign a named variable to the value of an attribute to toggle between series to display.


Collections group dashboards allow you to organize dashboards. You can copy and move dashboards to a collection.