Open the dashboard menu to:

  • Create a dashboard using the dashboard builder tools.
  • Import a dashboard.
  • Upload a JSON file that can be used to instantiate a dashboard.

Create dashboards manually

To create a dashboard manually:

  1. Create the dashboard.
  2. Create a metric, text, or image tile.
  3. Enter a PromQL query.
  4. Select from Combo, Value, List or Honeycomb chart type.
  5. Customize the visualization.
  6. View the dashboard on the main dashboard page.

Example 1:

PromQL query to return multiple time series: sum(usage_cloud_provider_aws)


Supported Resources

Example 2:

PromQL query to graph the inbound and outbound traffic on an ec2 instance: usage_cloud_provider_aws{instance="ec2.instances"}


Supported Resources

Dashboard actions

Set Default DashboardSelects a dashboard to be the first to be displayed when the main Dashboard 2.0 page is visited.
CopyCopies a dashboard to the specified collection. Dashboards must have a unique name.
MoveMoves a dashboard to the specified collection.
ExportExports the dashboard as a JSON file, which can be imported using the **Import Dashboard** menu option.
RenameRenames the dashboard.
DeleteDeletes the dashboard.