1. Go to Setup > Monitoring > Alert Definitions:
    Alert Definitions
  2. Click Add:
    Alert Definition Settings
  3. Enter:
    ScopeDetermines whether the alert definition is applied to partners or clients. (required)
    IP addressDetermines which clients are included or excluded. (required)
    NameName of the alert definition. (required)
    PriorityDetermines the order of execution on the resources, where zero (0) is the highest priority.
    • Default: 0
    • Upper limit: none
    • Upper limit recommendation: 1000
    Applicable OnIndicates how the rules are applied and to which resources they apply.
    Metric SelectionMetrics are time-stamped, have a value, and contain tags. Tags are attributes at the component-level of the metric. Select a metric by starting to type a value.
    For more information on Advanced Metric Selection options, refer to Metric Selection Advanced Option.
    AvailabilityUptime calculation associated with the resources.
    Alert ConditionsConditions associated with warning and critical alerts.
  4. Click Save.

Or, create an alert definition by cloning an existing definition and then modifying the alert definition. The following graphic shows the alert definition page with the add, clone, and remove options:

Alert Definitions

Metric Selection Advanced Option

  1. Click Advanced from the Metric Selection section.
  1. Select Dynamic Change Detection.
  1. Enter:

    Select MetricSelect a metric for which metric you want to apply the condition (required).
    Learning PeriodPeriod on which you want to apply the calculation.
    SensitivityA Change detection alert is triggered if the current value is more than given standard deviations away from the mean over the last configured learning period of data.
    Change DirectionChange in direction of metric behavior. You can choose to get alerts when there is a sudden increase or decrease in metric values.
    • +: Triggering an alert if a significant increase is detected on a metric value.
    • -: Triggering an alert if a significant decrease is detected on a metric value.
    • +/-: Triggering an alert if a significant increase or decrease is detected on a metric value.
    1. Click Save.