Documentation is now available for the Fall 2020 Update release!

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

Describes the steps to two-factor authentication for your account, clients, and users.

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OpsRamp recommends as a policy to enable and activate two-factor authentication for your account or for the users in your organization. After enabling two-factor authentication, an additional security step is performed when users attempt to log into the application. The authentication process during login varies with the type of authentication mechanism chosen.

Enabling two-factor authentication for accounts

OpsRamp recommends you to enable two-factor authentication to secure your account. You can enable two-factor for your account either from My Profile page or Partner Details page. After enabling the two-factor, you can select the supported type of authentication mechanisms.

To enable two-factor for your account from Partner Details page:

  1. Select Setup > Account Management > Partner Details. Partner Details screen appears.
  2. From Partner Details, navigate to Account Information section.
  3. From Account Information, click ON to enable two-factor authentication.
    two-factor authentication is enabled for your account.

Enabling two-factor authentication for clients

Enabling two-factor authentication for your client implies enabling two-factor automatically for existing or new users in that organization. You can also enable two-factor manually for individual users in the Users List page.

To enable two-factor for a client in your organization:

  1. Select Setup > Accounts > Clients.
    CLIENTS screen appears.
  2. From CLIENTS, select one of the desired client names.
    The screen displays CLIENT DETAILS.
  3. From CLIENT DETAILS, navigate to Authentication Mechanism section.
  4. From Authentication Mechanism, click Enable to enable two-factor.
    A tick-mark appears confirming the activation of two-factor.

After you enable two-factor for any client, users configured in the client receive a screen to activate the authentication mechanism when logging in. You can also activate the two-factor key using the Activate option in the User Details page.

Enabling two-factor authentication for users

Enabling and activating two-factor authentication for users in your organization is quite easy for a partner administrator and helps to provide high-level security for their account.

To enable two-factor authentication for users:

  1. Select Setup > Accounts > Users.
    USERS screen appears.
  2. From USERS, select one or more users.
  3. From the options in Actions drop-down, select Enable Two-Factor. The screen displays a confirmation message.
  4. Click Yes.
    The Two-Factor column in USERS page displays a tick-mark.

After enabling the two-factor authentication for the users, you can activate the two-factor key for those users manually using the Activate Key.

The users will receive a screen to activate the two-factor key while logging in. If you do not activate the two-factor Key for any user.