This describes how to uninstall an agent on single and multiple servers with the option to manage or unmanage the server.

Uninstall the agent on a single server

Use the device control panel to uninstall the agent.

See the C:\Windows\Temp\OpsRampAgentUninstallation.log file for uninstall progress.

Uninstall the agent on multiple servers

Use Active Directory Group Policy to uninstall the agent.

Uninstall the agent and un-manage the server

  1. Navigate to the Infrastructure > Resources page in the OpsRamp console.
  2. From the list of devices, select the device where you want to uninstall the agent.
  3. Go to the right corner of the page and click on the setting symbol.
  4. Click Unmanage.
  5. Click Yes.

The agent is uninstalled and the device is moved to the unmanaged category.