Download the Windows Agent MSI installer to deploy the agent using Active Directory Group Policy.

The following are the steps to install the agent on the selected server by using Group Policy.

  1. From All Clients, select a client.
  2. Navigate to Setup > Downloads > Agent.
  3. In the Windows Agent MSI tile, click Download. Follow the download instructions.
  4. Log into the server domain controller and copy the downloaded MSI file to the NETLOGON folder.
  5. Click the Start button
  6. Click Run, and enter the active directory domain name: \\{}\NETLOGON.
  7. Open the Group Policy Management console.
  8. Click the Start button.
  9. Click Run, and enter gpmc.msc.
  10. To create a new Group Policy object, right-click Group policy object.
  11. Select New, and enter a group name.
  12. Right-click Group Policy Object OpsRamp Installation and click Edit.
  13. Expand Policies and click Software Setting.
  14. Right-click Software Installation > New > Package and enter the location of the downloaded .msi file. File Name: \\NETLOGON.
  15. Select OpsRamp Agent File and click Open.
  16. Select Assigned and click OK. On Active Directory Users and Computers, create a Security Group.
  17. Click the Start button.
  18. Click Run, and enter dsa.msc.
  19. Right-click Users > New > Group1.
  20. Enter a group name.
  21. Right-click the Group > Properties > Members Tab, and click Add.
  22. Click Object Types > Select Computers.
  23. Add all of the servers on which you want to install the agent.
  24. Click Apply, followed by OK.
  25. In the Open Group Policy Management console, click the Start button
  26. Click Run and enter gpmc.msc.
  27. Select the Group Policy object created initially: OpsRamp Agent Installation.
  28. Select and remove the default Authentication Users.
  29. Click Add and Search for the previously created OpsRampAgentDeploy security group and click OK.
  30. Right-click Domain and select Link an Existing Group Policy Object.
  31. Select OpsRamp Agent Installation and click OK.