This shows how to download and install a FreeBSD agent.

The FreeBSD agent has the following features, which can be selectively enabled:

  • Automation: Runbook automation, remote script execution, and custom script monitoring
  • RemoteCommand: Remote command execution
  • RemoteConsole: Remote device access

By default, all features are enabled.

The agent download file name format is opsramp-agent-{version}.{osType}.{packageType} where:

  • version: Platform version
  • osType: 32- or 64-bit operating system type
  • packageType: Installation package format

For example, opsramp-agent-9.0.0-1_freebsd10-amd64.txz

After the agent is installed, the agent automatically begins sending telemetry to OspRamp.

The following sections describe how to download and install the the agent for different installation options. Agent installation by a non-root user is unsupported.