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Agent Overview

Provides reference information about the Agent.

Deploying Agents on Linux

Describes how to deploy agents on a server, deploy agents on docker containers, configure and uninstall.

Linux Agent functionalities: Root and Non-Root

Describes the Root and Non-Root Linux Agent functionalities.

Deploying Agents on Windows

Provides instructions on deploying agents on Windows.

Deploying Agents to Connect using Gateways

Provides instructions on deploying agents to connect using the gateway.

Managing Agents with Ansible

Describes how to deploy, install, uninstall, migrate and update agents on target resources with Ansible.

Updating Agents

Describes how to update agents and provides considerations and limitations for updating.

Agent Connectivity Requirements

Provides information about connectivity methods and outbound connectivity requirements.

Agent Log File Reference

Provides information about log file customization and debug mode, how to view log files, and how to obtain agent version numbers.

Agent Troubleshooting

Describes troubleshooting actions to use with Agent.

Agent FAQs

Provide frequently asked questions related to agents.