An agent is a low-footprint, secure application that runs on managed servers. The agent runs as two (2) OS processes:

  • Agent: Runs all the instrumentation required to manage your server.
  • Agent Shield: As a watchdog process for the agent, the Agent Shield monitors agent and restarts when it stops running.

On Windows, the agent and agent shield run as Windows services. On Linux, they run as OS processes.

Key Features

  • Discovery & Deployment: Discover devices through PING, SNMP or WMI. Deploy using one of the multiple methods available.
  • Asset Collection and Proactive Jobs: Collect data and assign jobs manually or through device management policies
  • Scripts/Automation: Assign tasks automatically
  • Monitoring templates: For Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Applications monitor support: Map the script to a monitor output to self remediate or provide more information.
  • Patch Management: Download the patches from Microsoft and WSUS policies and apply globally across multiple sites.
  • Application Dashboards: Collect appplication-specific information and display on dashboard.

Data collection

After installation on the target devices, agent collects data, including:

  • OS information
  • Hardware information
  • Application Information
  • Services Information
  • Patch Information
  • AV information

Data retention

On loss of network connectivity, the agent retains alert data for the last 24 hours and retains metric data for the last one hour.

Agent Deployments

This dsection escribes the methods available for deploying agents on following servers:

This section includes the following topics:

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